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You want to use social media content to promote your brand. But you’ve seen how it can backfire. And you are not really convinced about the ROI.


You want to engage customers with content on their mobile phones while they are out and about, but you don’t want to overwhelm them, annoy them or bore them stiff.


You know there is value in content marketing but you think the complexity is too hard to manage and the skills required are too hard to find.


The answer: Mosoco. We are a content marketing agency. And we are a little bit different: pragmatic, hype-free, iconoclastic. We use a structured approach to content marketing, based on experience of old and new media, with heaps of common sense applied.


We will show you what people are saying about your brand online and how best to respond.


We will develop effective content that engages your customers and ensure that it gets seen by your target audience.


We will help you choose appropriate KPIs and measure the impact your content campaigns are having on your business.


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5 step content process

The mosoco  structured approach to content marketing